No Speed Limit 

Lift is currently rebranding the whole experience of the data migration. The task was to create a logo for the team. The team consists of offering managers, design lead, and UX designer.

The first step in the process was to brainstorm word meaning or visual identification of Lift functionality. The next step required turning those words into sketches to push the design. Each sketch was rapidly done on post-it notes. After a good breadth of work was completed sketches were created and set to digital images.

liftArtboard 8



A few more iterations resulted in eight Lift branding directions.


Final Mark

The final two directions agreed by the team included a rocket ship or a paper airplane. The rocketship focuses on the speed and migrating data from the ground to cloud. The airplane invoked imagery of an arrow cursor and a paper plane in one image. The goal was to incorporate both data and movement.



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