Custom Fit Your Life

Beyond the whiteboard defines a fitness tracking application aimed at the Crossfit world. The goal of the redesign targets the visual navigation method for user interaction.

The new design interjects warm whites as background and bold brand colors for readability. Typography created hierarchy on both mobile and website applications. One of the most prominent features of BTWB utilizes big data to improve personal workouts. At a detail level, it signifies personal weaknesses in different categories. The redesign added a built-in analytics page to allow the individual to make better personal workout decisions based on real-time data.

A.5 Report overlay



desktop users


Mobile users can view the workout of the day and log personal results. The current design has an infinite scroll feed for all workouts or calendar picker as an option for a different view. The infinite scroll is not the correct pattern of this context. Having the current weeks on the screen with an option to quickly open the full calendar minimizes frustration when scrolling throughout the screen.

title screen 300

Get fit

The main focus pointed to the enhanced usability of the overall design system. An integral change eliminated the original white on black with small thin typography.